Understanding world, events, group and individual consciousness.
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Aim of the research

We want to understand and contextualize world events, their development and create ways to predict and analyze them. We want to analyze, visualize and predict individual and group responses within social interactions based on specific triggers from exposition to events. We want to interconnect these two models on the level of influence for better understanding.

Aim of the development

We want to create suitable models, algorithms, calculation, visualizations, by which to investigate selected phenomena by processing massive amounts of data and smart usage of artificial intelligence and high performance computing. We also want to build an open distributed infrastructure and framework in which to involve as many people as possible in research.

Motivation and inspiration

Our modern society is undergoing deep transformation through the significant integration of technology and digital communication into our lives. These changes are both affecting our psyche, physiology, behavior of both individuals and groups. We are overwhelmed with information, stress is growing and we are trying to adapt with generation deep embedded into digital world. Information is becoming both asset and a weapon, the Internet is becoming the dominant medium of human communication and we can view it as a battle field. Thus we want to understand the battlefield and gain insight.



Global and local emerging and historical events understanding, contextualization, visualization, detection, analysis and prediction.


Massive super system psycho-social phenomena visualization, detection, analysis and prediction.


Individual and group ontology trees of though based on sentiment, entities and simplistic causality.


Library of HW infrastructure and SW solutions, tools and models for multinational team research support.


Multi agent based entities engage in social interactions with profiled content.


Static and dynamic visualization of various phenomena for deeper understanding, insight and processing.


Anomaly, psy-op, narrative, consent and information void detection.


Psychometric based profiling and behavioral analysis of content creators based on AI and BD.

Information sources

Usage and analysis of dissemination of information and information sources.

We researchers!

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Preferred areas are - data science, distributed architectures, natural language processing, front-end and back-end programming, psychology, native translator or ontology builder, social media, political science.

Žrec was an ancient Slavic priest who performed the highest sacredotal function in community. Žrec was prophesying so he could influence even a significant political decision.

Observing and understanding beyond the boundary of common communication, global processes and conciousness, that is the goal of our project.

Zrec.org is joint R&D project of Silesian University's Institute of Computer Science and VIAVIS company.